Some of the companies saving time with MEDIA WORKFLOW

“Saving 400 man hours a year and reducing a 2-day process to minutes.

Thanks Filemobile”. - Laurent Bridenne from Cisco TV

Gather from the field
or your desk

  • Whether you in the field or at your desk it's easy to upload content
  • Easy to use tools make it easy to send content home
  • Syncs with downstream systems
  • Maintain your custom meta data
  • Works with your existing workflows

Curate or let it flow

  • Build your own taxonomy
  • Have content flow through, or moderate
  • A cloud based digital asset management system
  • Manage your contributors
  • Maintain meta data into downstream systems

Publish to downstream

  • Publish to the systems of your choice
  • Route content in the appropriate format
  • Maintain custom media data
  • Notify those that need to know their jobs are done