Connecting through content has never been easier. We provide software and tools that make managing user-generated news sites, rich media and live feed apps, a wide variety of other social contests & communities possible. Crowdspark and it's Media Factory Platform are both designed to service the diverse needs of organizations like yours. Our engagement tools are able to handle your most complex challenges and the smallest turn-key requirements.
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User-generated content and vibrant social communities help you build your audience, engage your visitors and create dynamic and interesting websites that grow in size and impact. At Filemobile, we make citizen journalism, digital asset management (DAM), live feed, community building and mobile applications effective and easy to use.

Our software tools - from our social media asset management and cloud asset management tools to our live feed and contest apps - allow you and your users to easily upload photos and video, manage and share content and communicate through social networks. Our tools feature integration with YouTube, Brightcove and Ooyala as well as a number of social networks. This enables you to provide your website visitors with real-time, curated content, contests and promotions that drive results and drastically increase engagement.

You can trust Crowdspark for content inventory, social sharing and broadcasting. We work with clients across North America, Australia, Europe and Asia to gather, organize and broadcast social content from around the world.

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