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"UGC The Audience Delivers" as presented at NXNE

Posted by Steve Hulford on 06.07.10

Toronto, Ontario - July 5th - Founder and Chief Creative Officer Steve Hulford spoke at the NXNE Conference in Toronto in June. His presentation was called "User Generated Content: The Audience Delivers". Here is the contents of that presentation:

"Users creating and sharing their creative content, is an extremely popular activity. While ‘User Generated Content’ or UGC has been with us since the days of home movies, thanks to Youtube and Facebook it easier than ever to get involved. Almost everyone is snapping pictures, recording videos and sharing them online. Find out how you can engage your audience and tap into the UGC pipeline. This discussion will include real experience from the trenches, including UGC best practises, how to maximize submissions, how to increase site traffic and time spent on site, methods to curate and get the most from UGC and more. We will also explore some case studies of top UGC programs that show the diversity of options and potential of this powerful channel."

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