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Filemobile's Video SEO Helps Content Jump to the Top of Google Search Results

Posted by Steve Hulford on 23.04.10

Check out this case study:

Video SEO is a big buzz this year across the web. Why? Well Google and Bing are starting to index video on their homepages. Big deal you say? Well when you consider that video represents a tiny fraction of the content that the big search engines crawl then you see that you are competing in a much smaller pool to get high rankings on Google and Bing.

Steve Hulford shot a video of CP24 Vice President and General Manager Bob McLaughlin, where the two talked about user generated content and TV. The video was shot and posted to this blog. All of the video on the Filemobile blog are located in this sitemap XML file.

Next step is to setup a webmaster account at Bing and Google. These two services allow you to add a sitemap, and an video sitemap. The site map in this case for Filemobile is located here: and the video site map is located here: Now each time you post an article on your site, or a video, these two feeds will notify Bing and Google, thus allowing people the ability to find your content in their web searches. It is important to note that these services don't replace your current SEO practices, they are enhance what you are already doing.

Now lets look at the results. Within three weeks of adding the feed to Google, this video ranks 10th when searching for "user generated content" in Google Video. When searching for "User Generated TV" it ranks third. When searching "user generated content" in Google search, our video is now 2 clicks away. Over 50% of the traffic to the video has come from searches, while the other 50% has come through our blog and social media marketing pursuits.

Site maps are both services available to all of Filemobile's white label clients. If you are an API client consider creating your own sitemap. To find out more about how you can make use of this give us a call.

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