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Evolution | Part 1: Video, Not Just for TV Anymore

Posted by Chris Becker on 03.02.10

Feb 1, 2010 – New York, NY

Evolution in Video | Fundamental changes in what is possible

Do these phrases sound familiar?

“Did you see the clip on YouTube?”

“What! You don’t have a TIVO? I love mine. I can’t imagine watching TV without it.”

“I saw the trailer on iTunes today … I have to see that movie when its out.”

If they do, then you’ve been part of the emerging evolution of video.

In terms of our expectations for watching video, what passed for normal or standard just a few years ago is now becoming less and less acceptable. How quickly we forget that you actually had to wait until a certain time each day to watch your favorite sitcom or drama.

Underwriting these growing expectations are changes between the historical and emerging views of what is available to all of us in the world of video. Here are some examples:

What has changed? Historical View Emerging View
Who drives video consumption decisions?
  • Broadcasters and publishers via one-way programming
  • All of us, including media companies, via two-way on-demand programming
What video is available?
  • Serial, linear, single-format
  • Shows, episodes, features
  • E.g. 30-minute sitcoms, 2-hours movies
  • Mixed content, searchable, multi-format
  • Webisodes, podcasts, mashups
  • E.g. YouTube and Hulu.
Where is video seen?
  • Television
  • Movie theatures
  • Recorded media (e.g. DVDs)
  • Anywhere
  • Web, mobile, game consoles
When is video accessible?
  • Check the TV Guide
  • Check the movie listings
  • Recorded media (e.g. DVDs)
  • On demand
How is video obtained?
  • Push model
  • Broadcast
  • Cable – one-way
  • Film
  • Pull model
  • Digital / IP
  • Interactive

So the evolution of video is expanding the art of the possible, but is there a market?

Check out Market | Part 2: Rapid Increases in Video Supply and Demand.

Chris Becker
CEO – Filemobile Inc.

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