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Why you need to own your own community

Posted by Steve Hulford on 04.11.09

Toronto, Canada - November 4, 2009 - There are two significant forces at play pushing firms towards creating their own online communities: the ‘flight to free’ and a failure of costly agencies to deliver a significant and consistent return on investment.

At Filemobile, we believe that brands, content producers, media companies and enterprise-level firms can benefit significantly from building and managing their own interactive online experiences, which they can brand and then post moderated user-generated or in-house content.

But why should companies host their own online community when they can simply create an account on an existing social networking site to display content or speak to their target audience? Simple, these other websites don’t supply the critical levers to control and manage the online experience and interaction with their customer base.

Pages on websites such as Facebook, YouTube and MySpace can’t be pre-moderated, creative can’t be fully or properly branded, and they own all terms of use and user data. This leaves critical brand control in third party hands.

Filemobile’s creative products and services empower organizations of all sizes and in all sectors to create interactive online community platforms they brand and control themselves.

But we also encourage firms to establish a presence on popular social networking sites. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have massive audiences which can help a company grow their brand reach exponentially, offering near-limitless marketing opportunities.

We encourage customers to use those websites to leverage audience interaction and drive traffic to their online community to improve time-on-site and page views, improve brand recognition and interaction, and monetize content by creating the most compelling online experience possible.

Once fans, followers, and viewers have paid a visit to a firm’s online community, they can engage visitors in a moderated conversation and can capture their valuable demographic, sociographic and psychographic data to employ in other marketing endeavours. Each new visitor to a community is a potential new customer or content consumer.

There simply is no other more cost-effective or efficient media platform to reach members of a target audience than through a branded online community.

Facebook connect brings a much broader audience into the online experience, while still offering brand control.

Other large brands, content producers, media companies and enterprise-level firms are beginning to understand that hiring expensive digital agencies to build online platforms on a project-by-project basis is far too costly to provide a sustainable marketing solution to their client interaction and brand-building needs.

As so many of our clients have learned, Filemobile’s reliable, proven software-as-a-service products are a far more efficient way to build their brands and communicate with their target audience.

Find out how Campbell's Chunky grabbed an extra 26% of their audience from Facebook with a Filemobile Media Community.

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