Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Filemobile? ^

Filemobile is a platform for gathering, organizing, and broadcasting social content. Our platform enables you to source content from a variety of places, including your audience's desktop, mobile, and social networks. Some of the world's most reputable brands use Crowdspark to boost their content inventory and to reach more people through this content.

Are you a stand alone service? ^

Filemobile is a cloud based, software as a service platform. Clients pick and choose the parts of our service they want to use.

Who owns the data? ^

The Client does. All of the data collected by our clients using the Crowdspark platform is owned by our clients, who can download any and all of it at any time. This data includes the media uploaded as well as the registration information collected.

Where is the data hosted? ^

We have four data centers at the time of writing (November 1st, 2013). We can put our platform wherever Amazon has their cloud (S3/EC2). Currently we have data centers in Toronto, Virginia (Amazon), Sydney Australia (Amazon), and Q4 2013 we will have one in Ireland (Amazon).

Where is Crowdspark located? ^

We are based in Toronto, Canada.

How does storage work? ^

Clients are welcome to provide their own storage systems or to rent from storage from us. If renting from us, there are small variable costs associated that might be noteworthy if you end up hosting the next “What the Fox Say” video. Costs continue to decrease in this area and many clients pay nothing for their storage.

What storage / bandwidth systems do you work with? ^

You can use our system which is Amazon S3 + our own datacenter, or you can use our own Amazon instance. If you are using Akamai or another storage system we can plug into that. Basically anywhere we can send the files via FTP can be the storage origin.

How does Crowdspark work with clients? ^

Filemobile's software-as-a-service products are designed to support clients in a variety of ways:

  • Widgets: These are embeddable applications that let you get up and running fast. You don’t need IT or a designer to deploy these.
  • White label applications: These solutions offer ease, flexibility and efficient configurability to end users who can design Filemobile's interactive online products to suit their exact brand specifications.
  • APIs & SDK: Application Programming Interfaces enable development teams to directly leverage the Media Factory platform to customize products to suit their specific needs and internal resources
  • Turn-Key Solutions: When resources are scare, Crowdspark can partner to provide end-to-end solutions from design through to execution.

What options do I have for a video player? ^

Many. Crowdspark is partnered and integrated with Brightcove’s Video Cloud, we have our own video player native to our platform, or you can you use your own. Many of our clients end up pushing moderated videos to their own CMS and using their own tools to display.

Where can I get more technical information? ^

Filemobile maintains extensive documentation of our platform, including questions about supported filetypes, dynamic image resizing and more here: Additionally, clients who would like to kick our technical tires are encouraged to set up a trial account with us. After going through a brief training period with Crowdspark staff, clients can access our platform with a temporary sandbox account which can be converted to their actual account if they decide to engage with us.

What is the pricing model? ^

Filemobile charges for the services you use, not the number of administrators you have or the data uploaded or consumed (except in the case where you use our storage and you host many GB of data). Some of our products include start up costs, they all include monthly fees and clients are empowered and encouraged to use our extensive documentation to do any customization work they feel they need. In the event resources are scarce, clients can hire us to create bespoke applications using our platform on their behalf.

Who uses Filemobile's technologies? ^

Filemobile supports clients in a variety of sectors including broadcast, publishing, consumer packaged goods, financial services, advertising, content production and beyond. Our clients are in North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Peruse some of our clients here:

How do I get in touch with Filemobile? ^

Check out our contact us page here: